Orca Impex

Its a great honour for us that our company, ORCA Impex is a manufacturer and exporters, Martial Arts, Boxing Equipments, Uniforms Protection Equipments, and Body Promotions Equipments etc. Our establishment is made since 1983 know the best techniques to keep satisfy With our quality services and workmanship at all the times so this is our good luck that our Company is growing up day by day. Our aim is to make Quality Equipments affordable in order to encourage participation in the sports and Body Promotion in spite of sufficient experience in the making of above products we always honor to the suggestions of worthy clients to improve quality of products in order to make them easy saleable and attractive to the players.There is a very important factor to note that our company policy is to keep secret "design" of buyers not to disclose anyone we expect that when our buyers enjoy in business with us surely they will be easy to increase business on the base of our good quality perfect sizes and easy in function. we always wish for the development of our buyers well wishers so we can move easily for development all over the world.

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